In my view — Bitcoin is a 9 inning game. Currently we are in the 3rd inning. This is how it is being evolved.

Inning #1: The Moon Phase into the Futures — 2017

Bitcoin Run 2K to 20K — This was not an organic rally. It was a manifactured pump with much bigger long term goal.

Since 2015 Gold’s…

The current financial system is the most corrupt system in place and therefore most difficult to challenge. The crash we have seen so far (20K to 3.5K) was absolutely expected. This is Exactly how it was meant to be!!…I don’t think these are usual “Market Cycles”.

Bitcoin world is full of “coincidences”. I am going to cover 3 “coincidences” that happened during the 50% Flash-crash of Nov 2018.

Doors of the Flash-Crash opened

Since Jul-2018 the Bitcoin volatility had reduced substantially. So much that it had become a stable coin. Experts were confident that $6,000 is The “final” bottom and soon we will start the journey to the moon: 50K by 2018 EOY, 1M by 2020 and so on. Few experts appearing on…

Today (October 25, 2018), Mastercard has applied for a patent for Fractional Reserve Cryptocurrency Bank — application 20180308092 (this process started in 2015.)

What is Fractional Reserve Crypto Banking?

Fractional reserve (FR) Cryptocurrency banking is a system in which ONLY a fraction of deposits (generally 10%) will be backed by actual Crypto on hand and available for withdrawal. This is done to theoretically expand the supply of the Crypto asset (or Bitcoin). …

It started with another wrong prediction by Tom Lee

With the start of Consensus 2018 “Bitcoin could surge back above $15,000” Tom Lee predicted .

Instead We got a 35% correction

What happened, you ask? Cartel strike #3 happened.

Few clarifications before we get into “the Strike #3”

#1 — If you are new to the concept of the Cartel suppression (not manipulation) please read my first post here. It has been viewed 400K times so far.

#2 — Most of the…

(Updated Dec-2018) This post was originally written in Jan-2018. In 12 months — Crypto Market cap has fallen from $800B to $100B, Bitcoin has fallen 84% and Silver has fallen 20%. Those who converted Bitcoin to Silver at 20K are already sitting on a handsome profit of 400%.….and Silver Bull is still at the bottom. This is exactly what I predicted when I wrote this post initially.

Why Silver is far Superior investment than Bitcoin

  1. Silver is the tiniest markets of all
  2. Value of All Above ground silver Stocks (1 B oz) is 17B @ $17/oz
  3. Crypto market at $740 Billion (42 times bigger than Silver).
    (Updated Dec-18: Crypto cap fallen from $800B to $100B)
  4. Gold 7.7 Trillion — 11 times bigger than Crypto

Super Crypto

I called for 95% correction in Bitcoin at $20k in Dec-2017. We got 85% by late 2018. I was wrong by 10% :)

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