Where is The Future Bull Market - Bitcoin or Silver?

(Updated Dec-2018) This post was originally written in Jan-2018. In 12 months — Crypto Market cap has fallen from $800B to $100B, Bitcoin has fallen 84% and Silver has fallen 20%. Those who converted Bitcoin to Silver at 20K are already sitting on a handsome profit of 400%.….and Silver Bull is still at the bottom. This is exactly what I predicted when I wrote this post initially.

Why Silver is far Superior investment than Bitcoin

  1. Value of All Above ground silver Stocks (1 B oz) is 17B @ $17/oz
  2. Crypto market at $740 Billion (42 times bigger than Silver).
    (Updated Dec-18: Crypto cap fallen from $800B to $100B)
  3. Gold 7.7 Trillion — 11 times bigger than Crypto
    (Updated Dec-18: 77 times bigger now)
  4. Stock Markets: 73 Trillion (10 times bigger than Gold Market)

Here is visualization

Images courtesy of http://money.visualcapitalist.com

Visit this link to see Visualization of all World Markets.

Where is the next Bull?

Should you be buying Bitcoin at $20,000 (with Cartel just in and people buying on credit card) Or Silver at bottom where suppression is nearly complete?

(Updated Dec-2018: The correct answer obviously was “Silver”)

Credit to @Panma_TJ for the chart

Gold and Silver has been consistently suppressed by Cartel for over 8 years. Bitcoin suppression has just begun, Cartel has just entered the Crypto space. If/When Cartel gets handle of Crypto market the only thing you will see in Crypto is BLOOD.

Will Bitcoin go parabolic with people selling their houses and using all their credit lines at $20,000/Bitcoin OR Will Silver Outperform Bitcoin which is being sold at its production price? (priced at $17 close to its production price of $14)

You can buy 1333 ounces of Silver for the price of 1 Bitcoin. This is a Humongous bargain at the bottom of the mountain. (Updated Dec-2018 — those who converted BTC to Silver at 20K are sitting on a huge profit of 400%)

Here is Bitcoin Chart. See the point CME entered the Market? Its going to be price-suppression in bitcoin going forward. (chart updated Dec-2018)

This is image of how Silver have been suppressed below resistance. Thanks TF Metals for profound research in Metal manipulation (suppression) When Silver frees from the suppression it will have a parabolic run.


Have doubts about Silver Manipulation? Don’t

(Updated Nov-2018) Former JP Morgan trader pleads guilty to manipulating US metals markets for years. Edmonds, a 13-year J.P. Morgan veteran, said that he learned how to manipulate prices from more senior traders and that his supervisors at the firm knew of his actions.


(Updated Dec-2018) JP Morgan faces Class Action lawsuits for Gold, Silver manipulation


JPM is building Gold Block-chain

Why is JPM Building PM Block-chain?

This is the single most important reason why I buy Silver!!

Silver at $14 is selling below production price


Why I prefer Silver over Gold

In my view, silver the the cheapest asset in the world as of now. Those accumulating silver will be handsomely rewarded in the future. Patience is still the to success.

Warning: It is NOT expected but, in the world of Bankers, it is possible for Silver to make bottom below $10 oz. I will buy more if that happens.


Therefore, I am buying
→Silver First,
→Gold Second and,
→Bitcoin Third

and I have no doubts about this in my mind.

Here is a valid argument in favor of Gold over Silver


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I called for 95% correction in Bitcoin at $20k in Dec-2017. We got 85% by late 2018. I was wrong by 10% :)